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trouwen op 24 augustus, 2013


COCO-MAT matrasse

Allergies can be a bummer... and darling Childéric is one of the victimes. Throughout the years I have become immune to the sniffing noices! COCO-MAT is one of the brands that produce sleeping products made out of natural products: coconut fiber, natural rubber, horsehair, seaweed, wood, cactus, cotton, wool, linen, goose down & lavender! ...

Easy Rider chair

ENG| For the Carte Blanche collection, Venlet created a mobile desk-seat. Often confronted with unconfortable seating in waiting areas at airports, Venlet wanted to unite the function of seating and working for a while (laptop, mobile,…) in one product. The chair has an integrated seat and back (or armrest), supported by chrome or lacquered (Ral 7021) legs. The chair is available on wheels or glides. Easy Rider is suitable for a range of applications including lobbies, hotel lounges, waiting areas of airports, libraries, cybercafés, museums, etc. and for domestic use. --------------------------------------------------- FR| Pour la collection Carte Blanche, Danny Venlet (°1958) a dessiné un mobilier hybride entre la table et le siège sur les thèmes de la flexibilité et de mobilité. C'est à la fois un fauteuil confortable et un bureau bien adapté au travail sur ordinateur portable. Dans sa version sur roulettes - une version sur patins est disponible -, Easy Rider permet de se déplacer rapidement sans "sortir de table".

Holiday Canada!

Everyone knows,... the sounds of Terrance & Phillip during the nerve-racking Southpark episodes. But honestly, we met a hole bunch of Canadians in Australia and they were an awesome bunch! We would love to travel around Canada, meet the people once again and enjoy the amazing scenery! Might be a bit cold?

Longboard stroller

We are not quite ready for little ones yet, but when the time comes we would love to stroll around with this stroller! The longboard stroller is an alternative solution which makes it easy to travel longer distances in a nice, environmentally friendly way. Quinny teamed-up with Studio Peter van Riet to bring this all to a higher level. As a result the concept has been translated in this cool longboard stroller.


We would love to choose a collection of nice matching colours to fix up the flat!

The Sting-Ray bike crew!

Equipped with a curved banana seat, the Schwinn Sting-Ray was America's most popular bicycle. Its godfather, Schwinn executive Al Fritz, became known as an industry visionary for transforming a Southern California street fad into a national phenomenon. We would love to cruise our new home town Antwerp with our 1970's cycle!

Volkswagen Caravelle

As you folks might know,... we love travelling. In daily life, we all must grow up and work 9 to 5. We always dreamed of owning a Volkswagen, so we could smell the fresh seaside air in the weekends. What better way to save money and camp around the nicest surfing spots in Europe. Waking up with the sounds of seagulls.. At this point,.. the only thing we can say is,.. DREAM ON! ;)