Markéta Holasova & Tim Jacob

trouwen op 13 augustus, 2016


bed sheets 2

having sweet dreams!!! in comfi sheets!!!


one large container of 5.3 liter and one of 3.5 liter

Catler Contact grill

a grill to bbq even when it rains outside, or do you prefere a croque monsieur, help us making this delicious food


and then there was light ... ... ... ooops still in need of some Bohemian chandeliers.

Dictionary Czech - Flemish

Lets speak Czech together!

Dream combi oven, steam and heat at the same time

it's not a toy, or is it :p we will make sure nobody uses it to dry their dog!!! only to make Hot dog!!!


still not sure of the one we want, but we realy want the smell of good coffee in the morning!

Frappé maker

A deliciouse coffee mousse and the smile of Markéta, what a super machine!!!

Hair dryer

I hate to go out with wet hair, ... so i never take a shower.


lets enjoy the summer, with some delicious ice-cream!!!! kenwood will do the job ... Again

Juice extractor

frutes, veggies, herbs, ...., name it we will drink it!!! the crazy cocktail team arrives!!!

Kenwood kmm075 or kmm006

A Kenwood will always stay by your side!!! whatever you ask of him!!!

Kitchen scale

always uselfull for a good desert, patiserie is a science cooking is feeling

lawn mower

because we live in the city and not the savana

meat grinder

home made filet americain, burges, sausages, ..... kenwood will work even more!!!!

Mixeur Plongeur

A super duper mixer!!!! For soups, dips and delicious mixtures!!!!

music stand

playing saxophone while holding the partition in one hand isn't easy, neither is playing the flute!!!

Plates and plates

Spaghetti Bolognaise on the table is ok, but what with a fish soupe? or a steak bearnaise? a plate comes in handy at times ...

Set de patisserie

A little mix of patisserie stuff, rolling pin, cake mold, speculoos figurines, ... , and lots more because eating some home made pastries feels like heaven!

Smoke BBQ

Hot smoke, cold smoke, pizza oven, ... this BB has it all!!!! smoked salmon, pulled pork, ... and of course veggies!!!! even crunchy bread!!!!! see you in the summer!!!!


2 comfi leather sofa's, once you sit down, you will lay back and enjoy!!! or will the call for beer get you up again ...

tumble dryer Miele

we can't put our head in here to dry our haire, but at least we will have dry socks to sleep in!!!

washing machine Miele

annoyed by our smelly socks, this is your solution!!! it will also serve to wash the sheats of our guests!!!! but not together with the socks!!! don't worry!!!!


having some grapes is good, but the seeds are anoying, it's not so classy to spit them out. we prefer drinking the grapes, looks more sophisticated. please let us discover some of your favorites, don't give us money we prefer a bottle. but i have to put something for the site in the moneybox. ty