Kimberly Vanhooren & Thomas Delmotte

trouwen op 2 augustus, 2014


3D-lamp Marvel

It's awesome that's why!

BaByliss for baardtrimmer

Omdat Lien C. anders te jaloers zou worden op Thomas zijn baard. ;)


Reading is dreaming with open eyes....

Brabantia wc-borstel

If you dribble when you piddle, be sweet and whipe the seat!

Dr. Oetker bakmat

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves...

Een buitenverblijf voor onze katjes

We love our cats because we love our home and, little by little, they become its visible soul.

Eternum Signature 66-delig bestek Alaska

Eating makes us happy, so there! ;)


Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride...


The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.

Huwelijksreis naar Amerika

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page...

Kettler stepper Side

Because twerking is allowed in our household...


The only thing I hate more than having a dirty house is cleaning...

Mini Garden vierkantemetertuin

We play in the dirt and call it gardening :D

Opknapwerken huisje

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and laughter never ends...


You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child...

Tefal afgietdeksel (Ingenio 14-20 cm)

The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude...

Tefal braadpan (Sensorielle kersrood 20 cm)

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art...

Tefal sauteerpan (Sensorielle 24 cm kersrood)

I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and I think: 'Well that's not going to happen...'

Tefal wok ( Sensorielle 30 cm kersrood)

People who love to eat are always the best people...

Tekenmateriaal voor Kimberly

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk...

Universeel glazen deksel met stoomknop (32 cm en 26 cm)

annoying the cook will result in smaller portions...remember that! ;)